Strategy of total management

In regular relation with the strategists of the main international financial establishments, the GIS-Advisers investment committee first defines a strategy which primarily consists in answering, in the absolute and according to the financial market trends , the following questions :

  • Which repartition between various asset classes (Traditional/Alternative) ?
  • Which currencies allocation (dollar/euro/yen/Swiss franc…) ?
  • In traditional management, which percentages in equities, bonds and cash ?
  • In equities, which distribution among geographical markets (Europe/Americas/Asia,..), among countries and sectors (Energy, Finance, Health, Technology…)

This global strategy is then adapted to the personal situation of each client, depending on :

  • Its wishes (performances, transmission),
  • Its needs (regular returns, long term projects, foreseeable expenses,..),
  • Its acceptable risk/performances (financial markets experience, psychological approach to risk of loss,…).

There is indeed not a single asset management strategy, applicable to everybody.

At this stage, the considered portfolio consists of an allocation between different asset classes, for example :

  • European equities (small caps, Value,…),
  • Japanese Equities, Chinese, Technology or Energy sectors;
  • Bonds in Euro of the Central and Eastern European countries,
  • Bonds in Dollars of the USA or emergent countries,
  • Arbitrage fund in Alternative Investments,
  • Etc…