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Strategy of total management
Specialized managers

To effectively manage your assets in an increasingly difficult environment takes time and requires regular and reliable advices.

The role of GIS Advisers is to assist you in the construction of the most adapted portfolio to your needs, then to ensure a continuous follow-up . In order to do this, GIS-Advisers uses the services of the best international fund managers.

A personalized advice, adapted to your strategy

A complete asset management strategy consists of:

  • To clearly define your financial objectives.
  • To decide of a strategy to reach them.
  • To evaluate the situation compared to your objectives regularly.
  • To react according to the eventual changes.

The investor wishes and needs differ considerably from one to another, and therefore an unique strategy does not exist.
It is very important to define a personalized strategy in order to not only have specific goals but to reach those under specific customised conditions.

  • Constitution of capital (retirement, schooling fees, personal or professional project).
  • Asset management.
  • Tax optimization.

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